Reaching Out to the Recruitment Sector with our Business Partners….

In conjunction with our Business Partners we can provide a comprehensive range of services and a wealth of commercial experience across all sectors.

Employment Services

Employment Taxation, along with other forms of employer regulation, is complicated; employers have a lot on their plate to ensure that all the requirements of the PAYE and NIC Regulations are met. Where payments and benefits are not subject to the appropriate deductions or included on the necessary returns, liabilities, interest and penalties can build up quickly. Effective policies, procedures and management are important to keep costs to a minimum and avoid arguments and settlements with HMRC.

Reaching out to the Recruitment Sector

This sector is a regulatory minefield that is constantly changing and yet it is vital for the thriving recruitment business to ensure that margins are not eroded entirely through legislation and red tape.

Staying up to date with rules affecting:

  • Agency Worker Regulations
  • Employment rights, self-employed status
  • Onshore False Self-employment
  • Personal service companies and IR35
  • Construction Industry Scheme
  • Intermediaries Reporting and the Expense Statutory Exemption
  • Conduct Regulations
  • Gangmasters Licencing Authority
  • Supplier due diligence

It is just the tip of the iceberg. Together Eden HR Legal & it’s Business Partners can help you to manage those risks and many more, implementing effective policies and procedures to achieve compliance while remaining commercially competitive.

Let us shoulder the burden of employee disputes and when HMRC visit, let us guide you to minimise disruption and present facts in the best possible light.

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